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Prices Cut, Not Quality

Even in a highly price-competitive market, Vaux is able to reap economies of scale from its global parent organisation to negotiate and pass on international call rates that are only a fraction of what others charge. Not only that but the call quality is of a much higher standard that that available from other cut-price operators.

How it Works

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Many of the international phone companies use our networks to carry their calls. Vaux utilises switching on your phone system to route calls made to international destinations from your office via the lowest cost carrier – a process called Carrier Pre-Select (CPS).

Benefits for You

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  • Big company muscle to negotiate lowest possible rates
  • Substantial savings without significant loss of quality
  • Regular reports analysed by usage, user and destination
  • Commitment to seeking lower rates – and passing them on

Know All

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As part of our service, Vaux can provide you with detailed reports on your international calling profile: the peaks and troughs, the main users and the key destinations. This will form part if a monthly billing analysis. We can tell you whatever you want to know.

A Finger on the Pulse

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We constantly monitor international call rates charged by the various carriers to ensure your calls are routed to the 'least-cost' carrier. You can make additional savings by agreeing a fixed-term CPS deal with Vaux.

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