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About Us

A Name to Trust

UK-based Vaux is part of an international telecoms group providing global line carrier services via fibre-optic and satellite networks to some of the biggest names in the "phone business," organisations who trust us to provide reliable, resilient and class-leading communications.

You First

Based in London, we are a young company, founded in 2003, but part of an established business, backed by decades of technical experience and with a way of doing businesses that always puts customers first.

Solid partnerships

We work closely with our carriers to exceed their expectations and partner with some of the best known and most reputable names in communications technology manufacturing.

Pioneering services

While supporting the multi-national services of our parent company, we have developed and pioneered methods of halving the cost of UK office-to-mobile phone calls, and slashing outbound international rates for mobiles by up to 95%.

Just For You

Although part of a large group, we emphasise personal service, with bespoke solutions and information reporting, training your staff, continuous 24/7 support and availability, and an ongoing drive to lower your costs ever further.

Vaux Limited

Systems House
23/29 Daws Lane
London, NW7 4SD

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