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The Power of VoIP

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the technology that enables people to talk to each other via PCs. It's a simple matter to harness this so you can use Internet bandwidth to make free inter-office calls within your business.

How it Works

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The same technology that intercepts calls to mobile phones can be used to detect calls being made to your other offices and send them via the Internet. At the remote office, the call is picked up and directed back into the phone system and on to the appropriate extension number.

Benefits for You

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  • Eliminates the cost of inter-office calls
  • Existing phone set-up unaffected
  • Unobtrusive and non-disruptive installation
  • Keeps inter-office travellers in touch
  • Can link to external phones

Following You

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With VoIP, individuals who travel between offices can have a fixed extension number than will ring wherever they are in the organisation.

And VoIP can even be used for very low cost calls to non-Internet connected international and non-local destinations

Big Savings

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Even allowing for a small amount of capital expenditure, installation and maintenance charges, VoIP can massively reduce phone bills for multi-centre businesses that are currently using conventional landlines and phone service providers for inter-office calls.

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