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Your Gateway to Big Savings

Harnessing a new application of existing technology, Vaux creates a Gateway from your telecoms set-up to the mobile phone networks that slashes the cost of your calls from fixed landlines to mobiles. At zero capital cost to you. Where you now pay around 12p per minute, the Vaux Gateway will cut the cost to 4p. After meeting our low monthly service charge, your net savings will be more than 50%.

How it Works

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Mobile-to-mobile calls cost a fraction of fixed-to-mobile. The Vaux Gateway intercepts outgoing calls from your business to mobiles, routing them through a PC-like box that is, in effect, a multiple-mobile phone, complete with SIM cards. From here on your call is mobile-to-mobile.

Benefits to You

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  • Huge savings
  • No installation disruption
  • Existing phone set-up unaffected
  • Zero capital cost
  • Invisible to the user
  • Powerful back-up facility
  • Detailed usage reports

Virtually Invisible

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The Gateway is a small box linked to your existing phone installation. The intercept switch that diverts calls being made to mobiles is probably already there. No other services are affected by this diversion and it's completely transparent to the user who just dials out in the normal way.

Powerful Back-up

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If local landlines fail, you could switch all outgoing calls to the mobile networks via the Gateway, enabling business continuity. Alternatively, the system will switch to landline-to-mobile in the unlikely event that the Gateway fails. And our 24/7 support will quickly get it back in operation.

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