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Global Mobile Call Costs Slashed

Wherever you are in the world Vaux connects your international mobile phone call for up to 95% less than your service provider charges. Even if you normally use a special code to get a discounted call rate, Vaux massively undercuts this too. All without hassle, commitment or extra costs.

How it Works

How it Works photo

It's easy! After a quick, one-time registration and set up, you simply call a 'local' (i.e., host country) number that connects to our server. The server instantly recognises your phone and gives you a dial tone enabling you to key in your international call number in the normal way.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits photo
  • Huge savings – up to 95%
  • No hardware/software changes
  • Keep your current mobile provider
  • No minimum contract, set up charges or monthly fees
  • Monthly billing and usage reports
  • Excellent call quality

UK to Europe Savings *


Calling from Abroad: Savings using a UK Mobile Phone *

UK to Europe Savings photo   Calling from Abroad: Savings using a UK Mobile Phone photo
Minimum charge per minute from your service provider for an international call 25p   Charge from your service provider £1.65p
Total 25p   Total £1.65p
Instead:   Instead:
Use your existing monthly mobile minutes to call us 0p   Call a local number 25p
Call to European landline – per minute 1p   International call 1p
Total 1p   Total 26p

*Illustration only; costs vary


*Illustration only; costs vary

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