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your partner in quality global telecommunications.

We provide global line carrier services to some of the industry's biggest players and low-cost, high-quality telecoms solutions for UK industry and commerce.

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We are passionate about the quality of our technology, driven by outstanding customer service and committed to the most resilient, cost-effective telecoms solutions.

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We carry calls around the world via state of the art fibre-optic and satellite networks, and exploit Internet and mobile phone technology to deliver low cost business telephony.

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We make no compromises in the quality of the equipment we use and the signals we carry. We support everything we do with 24/7 service, the usage data you need and a continuous quest for improvement.

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We offer businesses quality services that include:
Land to mobile calls for less than half normal prices.
International calls, including outbound mobiles, for a tiny fraction of what others charge.
Free office-to-office calls via VoIP (Voice over Internet).

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